Introducing datasette-vega-dashboards

Tags: data

I recently made a Datasette plugin: datasette-vega-dashboards. Datasette is a great tool which lets you explore SQLite databases in your browser (and much more, check out the website!). datasette-vega-dashboards lets you add Vega/Vega-Lite dashboards to Datasette, so you can add graphs and other visualizations on the results of SQL queries.

datasette-vega-dashboards (silly) example image.

It’s different than datasette-vega. datasette-vega only allows for certain basic built-in visualizations (no custom Vega specs). datasette-vega-dashboards is much more focused on enabling presentation and supports arbitrary Vega/Vega-Lite.

Creating an actual Datasette plugin was pretty easy, even for somebody like me who doesn’t have much experience with the Python packaging ecosystem, I just followed the documentation and it all worked. My main problem is that it does seem very tailored to publishing on Github: it comes with some nice Github Actions templates which are easy to ignore. However, the Datasette Plugins page is currently generated via the Github API, so my great plugin does not appear on the list. Maybe one day I will either help fix that issue or just move the plugin over to Github.

Anyway, feel free to check out the git repo for more.

Update: I moved this to Github. I also learned about the existence of datasette-dashboards which for some reason at the time of writing is not on the Datasette website, which is why I missed it. It has some advantages/disadvantages versus datasette-vega-dashboards, and I’ll probably keep using mine. :)

Posted on 2022-03-28